About the “I Rate System”

The “I Rate System” creates a simple guide to understand the appropriateness of a property – whether it be your next home or an investment – this System will save you valuable time.

As well as providing the details of properties viewed, I Rate Real Estate provides a summary, or “rating”, of between 1 and 3 for each of the properties against the following 3 areas:

1.  Criteria Rating

     I Rate Real Estate provides you with a rating based upon how closely the property viewed matches the search criteria listed in your Property Wishlist.

2.  I Rate Real Estate Viewing Rating

     I Rate Real Estate provides you with a rating for our independent opinion based upon the inspection, which includes the property's condition, overall
     appearance, location, etc.

3.  Value for Money Rating

     I Rate Real Estate will provide you with a rating on our opinion of how the expected selling price of the property compares with other similar properties
     on the market and/or recent sales in the area as well as potential return on rental investment (if relevant).


It’s simple…The higher the total score, the more suitable the property is to your needs and expectations.


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