Buyers Agents, Buyers Advocates, Property Brokers & Finders

Buyers’ Agents are also known as “Buyers’ Advocates”, “Property Brokers” or “Property Finders”.

A Buyers’ Agent is a licensed real estate agent who represents the buyer (purchaser), not the seller (Vendor) in buying a property. A Buyers’ Agent is completely independent from Real Estate Agents. Buyers’ Agents receive no financial benefit from the seller or the Real Estate Agent selling the property.

A good Buyers’ Agent should:

  • Act exclusively as a Buyers’ Agent and act in the best interest of the client (Principal).

  • Hold a full Real Estate Agents License and be a member of the Real Estate Institute (REI) and the Buyers’ Agents Chapter.

  • Is a member of the Real Estate Buyers' Agents Association of Australia (REBAA). 

  • Use a standard “Exclusive Buyers’ Agency Agreement” accredited by the REI.

  • Carry Professional Indemnity Insurance of $2M.

  • Disclose any interests.

  • Have a simple and transparent fee structure.

  • Adhere to the Exclusive Buyers’ Agents – Best Practice Guidelines

Some Buyers’ Agencies are very large and you end up dealing with a number of different people. At I Rate Real Estate, you will only ever deal with one key person throughout the process. Most Buyers Agents Sydney, including I Rate Real Estate, have prior experience in selling properties. In itself, this experience does not necessarily make a good Buyers’ Agent.

It is the personalised customer service, relationship management, expert area knowledge and superior negotiation skills that I Rate Real Estate brings to the table that really makes the difference.

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